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What we do


We translate content from and to any language our clients require. Our priority is to create texts which sound natural and fluent, not just to relay a message from one language to another.


A translation shouldn't sound like one and the proofreading step helps provide that native-like quality to our texts. It is carried out by a professional linguist, native in the target language, who confirms the message is effectively communicated to the reader without disregarding style. We don't just proofread translations, we can also proofread any type of text you provide us with.


We can adapt texts depending on the geographical region, age group or particular audience you want to target. Think of how the way you communicate with a group of Mexican teenagers differs to that of a business meeting in Spain.

Language consulting:

If you run a company and are thinking of starting an in-house translation team, we can help you out by advising you on some of the industry's best practices: translation software, processes and how to maximize your resources.

How it works

Write to us at telling us what you need to translate, what language/s you need it in, who's your target audience and when you need it for. We'll get back to you shortly with everything you need to know.

The Wordy Ideas Team

We're a group of specialised, professional and graduate translators fully dedicated to the translation industry with over 10 years' experience.

Although we specialise in human rights, marketing and technical projects, throughout the years, we've translated many websites and literary projects too.

Aside from having vast experience in translation and project management, we prioritise certain values that, to us, are of utmost importance: honesty, fidelity, compliance and respect. We will never make you wait for an answer and most certainly not for an agreed upon delivery.

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